2018 The first official year for foiling

Antoine Albeau: “Everyone is always asking me at the start of the season if I’m going to win, but there’s so many guys who are capable of winning the final, so in the slalom you just need to save your life to try and find a place into the final. And then when you do make the final any of the 8 guys who made it can win, so I’m super happy to have won the first slalom because it looks like it’s going to be tricky to finish another race here in Japan, but I guess we’ll see that tomorrow. 

In the foil race I’m super happy because this is the first official year for foiling, so to win the first ever race was great. In the next race I don’t want to say that I was in a good position for winning, but I think I was and I was just too confident with my tack and I just missed the boom, which probably happens 1 out of a million tacks you know. But I fought back to 5th place and I counted back on the live that there were 20 guys passing me. I was thinking in my head maybe I can fight back to 10-12th, but I was flying.”